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» Comics - Filler - Sketches - 10 Feb 2009

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The Management Says:
PJupiter, 10 Feb 2009

I'm sorry it's only sketches today.. Elias looking cute as well as Mary and Nain!
I'm working on new pages as well as redrawing pages, but mainly it's just organizing and picking apart the storyline! grarggg!!
Anyway, hope everyone is doing well!! :3
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beginning redrawn pages!
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User Comments:
RowanWatersprite, 11 Feb 2009

Very cool!
even your sketching crumbs are ok for an update.

No-Name9, 12 Feb 2009


Awesome sketches, I can really see their character!

Guest (Guest), 19 Mar 2009

Pretty please? I want to know what happens next!

Guest, 19 Mar 2009

Sorry, this is PJ from another comp! :o
hey guest! sorry, i will, hopefully soon! I'm sorry for the lack of updates! I've been living away from my house for almost a month now and haven't been able to work on the latest pages, but I will be able to again sometime within the next week and hopefully after that I will be able to consistently update again! I'm sorry! :)

azureremix, 18 Apr 2009

I haven't commented here for a while and just started to read the comic again!!

I wanna know what happens neeeeeext!! >.<;; Hope you update soon (but don't stress out too much XP!).

Tracey (Guest), 25 Jan 2010

I stumbled across your story here yesteday, and stayed up till late reading it... it's so fantastic! I'm completely addicted! What a great story! But i'm sad to see it's been so long since it's been updated! if you need it, i'd love to help get you going again... i'm no good at drawing but i'm a pretty decent writer and could happily throw you some ideas if your running blanks?

PJupiter, 30 Mar 2010

Thanks Tracey and Azure! I know it has certainly been awhile since I've updated ><;. It's never been off my mind, and as always I'm hoping to continue work on it! It's mostly been to lack of not having the appropriate workspace/layout that would be most helpful to getting these pages done, seems like an easy solution - I know! I refuse to let it go on too much longer!

Little Red, 21 May 2010

Come back D:

I miss your comic.

ambie (Guest), 09 Jun 2010

I miss this comic so much..So very much.. ;__; Please come back soon...!

Jennerz (Guest), 21 Sep 2013

i'm sorry to inform everyone
I just saw on her deviantart account, someone posted that she passed away on Christmas Eve 2011. unfortunately :( Thought you should know. :(

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