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» Comics - Limp Hair... - 20 Jan 2009

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The Management Says:
PJupiter, 20 Jan 2009

Oh horrible horribleness! I'm so sorry I haven't updated in a while (a while being a long time!) I will work on getting back into the regular schedule of updating every Tuesday! Sorry for the wait everybody! :C

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beginning redrawn pages!
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User Comments:
Arwym Starlight, 20 Jan 2009

New page! You make me so happy with this update! ^_^ You were missed, miss.

Just one thing: I notice a few typos in there, like 'hear' instead of 'hair', and there's a word missing in the dialogue of panel 2: "I just did your - this morning at the castle". I assume the word is either 'bed' or 'hair'.
And I am not 100% sure, but there may be a typo in 'imposter'. Is it not impostor?

Anyway, just trying to help. :) Thanks for updating!

PJupiter, 20 Jan 2009

aw thanks for the help! i thought i had uploaded the re-edited page, but i guess i just reloaded the same page!! argh! (but i hadn't caught the 'hear' instead of 'hair') hehe thankyou!

Maria (Guest), 21 Jan 2009

Yay, I'm so glad there is an update!

TacoTotes, 21 Jan 2009

great job :D so happy to see an update :D :D looks great!!

RowanWatersprite, 22 Jan 2009


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