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» Comics - A Better Attitude - 12 Jun 2008

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The Management Says:
PJupiter, 12 Jun 2008

Yay! A new page!! .. sorry as usual for the delay! As some of you may know, i work in a bakery and meanwhile i sliced some of my nice fingers! Yay stitches! So that delayed this page (which was already delayed) yay!..
oh and just so you know, octy is mainly throwing a hissy fit because this is the first he's learned that Nain was dancing shamelessly with Sir Jacob!! Gasp!! ..
ok that took forever to type with 1 and a half hands~ rar@! !. XD
oh and yeah!
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beginning redrawn pages!
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User Comments:
Nami, 15 Jun 2008

OMG, i found this yesterday on tomgeeks and i just couldn't stop myself from reading it! =D fav'd!

PJupiter, 15 Jun 2008

yay!! thanks nami! I'm glad you like it! Go tomgeeks! i'm so glad i joined that place, it's so awesome, yes!! XD

Arcer (Guest), 21 Jun 2008

Ahh! <3 I found this through Tomgeeks as well. This is such a sweet and funny comic, and the story is amazing! Your art is very attractive too. Will be looking forward to updates!

PJupiter, 22 Jun 2008

thanks arcer!! I'm definitely going to have updates! I have about 15 new pages, but they just need coloring! agh! I'm trying to work on it, but i've got inlaws coming this week! oh panic!! lots of things to do! But it's crunch time, i'm working on it!

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