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» Comics - A Guest?... - 16 May 2006

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The Management Says:
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User Comments:
PJupiter, 20 Mar 2007

sorry if when you try to load a page it says it's unavailable or anything like that.. smackjeeves has been having some hosting problems but hopefully it'll be fixed soon enough! X**D cry
just reload and it should be fine

Frene (Guest), 24 Jul 2008

I stumbled by this through deviantArt. And the wizard keeps making me laugh. "Manly business stuff" XD

PJupiter, 25 Jul 2008

hehe good! I miss not having him around as much in the later chapters, but he'll always be a major character!! XD

Elion, 14 Oct 2008

lol... manly business stuff... ah.. I like this wizard.

Capt. leon (Guest), 17 Jun 2014

and the cat....
not that you said that you´ll married the cat in the future?

Capt. leon (Guest), 17 Jun 2014

heart broken
oh! i just noticed! in the corner of last panel, the poor cat is heart broken!
.....poor kitty, he neds love...

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