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» Comics - Mishandled cheese.. - 20 Feb 2008

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The Management Says:
PJupiter, 20 Feb 2008

yay!! finally the update! Thank you all for being patient! My husband and I had a very important meeting today because we're going to buy a townhouse! Hurrah!!! Huzzah and hurrah!! I'm so excited! I'll post a pretty picture of it maybe once it's ours!! *cries in hope*
i really like mary on this page XD
oh and of course voting if you're up to it!! i really should put incentives on these things.. any ideas?
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User Comments:
TacoTotes, 20 Feb 2008

Sooooo cute :D I love this page :D I love the whole "I'm so glad--what the hell is he doing here?? hehe the expressions are classic. So well done :D great job :D

edit: Yay first comment :D

also congrats on getting a place :D thats so exciting XD

Angelzora, 21 Feb 2008

The page looks somewhat different...did you use digital for this? :p

And yay (and congrats) for a townhouse! XD

RowanWatersprite, 22 Feb 2008

Wow!That's so awesome!
I hope the best for you guys!
This page does look a bit different...
love the expressions.

PJupiter, 22 Feb 2008

tacototes: yay i'm glad you like this page! and thanks for the congrats! i'm so excited!! XD
bearagirl119: zeke the kitten!! insane kitties are better anyway!
angelzora: ya i think it looks different because i contrasted it too much after i scanned it which made it look so pixely, i thought it wouldn't show as badly as it does though! let that be a lesson to me! XD and thanks for the congrats!
rowan!!: yay thanks!! i'll definitely have to post a picture of the place when we get it!! *hope hope hope*

Lyceq (Guest), 26 Feb 2008

Wait a sec
Would they really allow a male to attend to a (presumed) virgin princess? SHAME!

Also, Octavious' expression is adorable!

PJupiter, 27 Feb 2008

Yes I was considering that too, but i think since he's just training with her, that doesn't mean that would be his actual job after he's done training, maybe he's replacing the guy who was serving the queen XD.. oh well we'll see anyway..
also, sorry as usual for the delay in the new page, i will have it up today though!

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