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» Comics - Compensation.. - 10 Feb 2008

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The Management Says:
PJupiter, 10 Feb 2008

yes those horses are retarded... as always!! yay tradition! ..
anyway, octavious looks a lil silly at the bottom there but we'll see what he's up to soon enough..
So, this is my page that makes up for last Tuesday, and I will have another up for this Tuesday! yay!

oh and don't forget to vote if you want!

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User Comments:
Angelzora, 10 Feb 2008

OMG It's a giant Octavious!!

*huggles it* =D

Mishieru (Guest), 11 Feb 2008

I love your comic! I read everything in one sitting, and i've been checking back almost every day for updates for about two weeks now. :D Please continue it! Great job.

Guest, 11 Feb 2008

yay thanks mischieru!! .. all in one sitting? you're brave! :) i'll definitely continue it, no worries!

PJupiter, 11 Feb 2008

oops that was me posting at work ^^^ err eheh

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